About Us

GAN is a Goa based Venture Fund . Over the past many years of early stage investing , our core values of trust , loyalty and integrity along with our founder – first approach have driven our strategy. We are an investment organisation which support entrepreneurs in building lasting companies by assisting at key inflection points and leveraging our network to help them propel their business forward .

GAN has unique relationships with several curated partners who work together to grow thought leadership and increase entrepreneurial exposure within the startup ecosystem.

Funding Innovations.

Serving High Net Worth Investors and Entrepreneurs by offering Cohesive Strategies that Include Alternative and private investments nationally & globally .

Smart Investments For Great Startups

We are an angel investment company who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs get to the next level. The collective experience of our members involves building and scaling deep technology companies which are into sustainable technologies .

For over two decades, Goan Angels Network has worked openly and collaboratively with venture capital funds, other angel organisations, and the investment ecosystem that fosters the growth of technology startups.

Startup Ecosystem

GAN has been working with startups and we pride ourselves on being more than just a source of capital.

Where We Invest

How We Invest

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